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Shawneric Shawneric 2 May 2019

Branding can make a Product go the Distance that Businesses Aspire for

The merger of Uber and Careem was one of the biggest news currently being discussed across the Middle East and surrounding regions like South Asia and North Africa. It is one of the biggest mergers in recent history and perhaps the biggest in terms of a local company being merged into a worldwide giant in the ride-hailing service. This opens up so many opportunities for people around the world. There are many aspects that you need to look at how t may affect the business not just in Dubai and UAE but all across the region.

The merger, reportedly at a cost of 3.1 billion dollars, is perhaps the best Careem could get. And it has done well to make sure to see the final figure escalated to this high. In fact, there was news last July that Uber …

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